Saudi Arabia : Saudi Arabia opens registration for domestic pilgrims


Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Hajj and Umrah on Thursday opened registration for Hajj 2023 for pilgrims within the kingdom.

Applications can now be submitted by citizens and residents wishing to perform the Hajj through its website and the Nusuk app.

Nusuk offers more than 121 services to assist pilgrims from all over the world.

he most expensive package will cost up to 11,435 riyals, with pilgrims accommodated in the six towers in Mina, near Jamarat.

The minimum age for Hajj application is 12 years, the ministry said.

Women will also be able to perform Hajj without a mahram, or close male relative.

Applicants can register companions who want to perform the Hajj with them in the same package. The group should not exceed 13 people.

The Hajj Ministry said priority would be given to applicants who had never performed Hajj.

All pilgrims must have the Covid-19 vaccine and have an ACYW quadruple meningitis vaccine, which must be administered at least 10 days before the Hajj.

Pilgrims should pay the fees of the chosen package within a specified time. But the ministry announced that domestic pilgrims could pay the fees in full or in three instalments.

All residents must have a valid residency visa until end of the Hijri year.

Saudi Arabia announced plans for a service that will allow people who want to take part in the Hajj to apply from outside the kingdom.

The “individual pilgrims” service is part of a series of measures introduced by the ministry to improve the way people apply for the pilgrimage.

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