High Elections Supervisory Committee: 449 monitors to scrutinize 2022 polls


Bahrain : A total of 449 supervisors representing eleven civil society institutions and the National Institution of Human Rights will take part in monitoring the 2022 parliamentary and municipal elections

The High Elections Supervisory Committee chairman and judges held a meeting with representatives of the civil society associations which applied to take part in monitoring the polls.

The chairman and judges commended the role of civil society associations in monitoring previous elections, stressed cooperation with NGOs to ensure fair and democratic contest and bolster transparency.

The executive management of the 2022 parliamentary and municipal polls delivered a detailed presentation of the electoral process in its various stages under full judicial scrutiny.

The meeting was attended by officials representing Bahrain Bar Society, Bahrain Transparency Society, Bahrain Jurists Society, Manama Human Rights Centre, Bahrain Public Relations Society, and other associations.

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