Bahrain: 3 medical robots to assist frontline health workers

Bahrain has started using three medical robots in medical isolation wards in hospitals and isolation centers.

Its experiment was launched at the Ibrahim Khalil Kanoo Health Center for isolation.

The first robot can be used to transport medicines and food and through a thermal camera can send a picture with temperature to the control center, while the second robot sterilizes isolation rooms and facilities of the medical center. The third robot is used to transport medical supplies and is characterized by ease of movement and carrying heavy weights.

Its the first time in the history of the Bahrain health sector, robots are used to provide health services.

“The MOH is providing the highest levels of protection and safety for health personnel,” said Professor Fatima Abdul Wahid Al-Ahmad, Assistant Undersecretary for Resources and Services

“MOH will takes advantage of this advanced technology to assist doctors and nurses in caring for existing cases of the virus, and assess its effectiveness, and then study the needs to increase the number of these smart robots to support health services in isolation and treatment in the future,” she said.

Fatima Abdul Wahid Al-Ahmad explained that modern technology was used to reduce direct exposure between existing cases and health care providers.

“Three types of robots were transferred to isolation and treatment wards, and nurses are being trained to use and program them,” she added.

The Ministry had cooperated with a French company located in the Kingdom to provide a number of robots.

The first (Robot Net 20), which is one of the most important robots in the quarantine, where it can distribute food and medicines to patients and can also identify the face of the patient

Its movement can be monitored via the internet from the control room, and the patient can speak with the treating doctor through it, thus it may protect the medical team’s exposure to the risk of infection by 80%, as it can be sterilized because the infection is not discharged from the hospital, and also saves from the costs of sterilizing the medical team and reducing its number.

The second robot (Robot Infirmiere nurse robot), is considered one of the most famous global robots that transport medicines and food to patients and can be equipped with advanced medical devices such as EKG and pressure, respirators, microscopes, and others. It is also installed with a thermal camera to transfer the temperature via the internet to the medical team room, and there is another thermal camera that displays an image of the body with a hue of colors from blue to red, as appropriate.

Also, it can be used in the reception service to prevent the entry of an individual with a high temperature, so a warning sound is given if it exceeds 37.3.

The third robot (Robot Net 21), it is a sterile robot that can use a large number of sterile liquids so that it can sterilize the quarantine continuously and also the operations block and the places that must be sterilized without the presence of a person so we can control it remotely and has a camera to identify faces and can send Voice messages before sterilization in different languages.

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