Argentina creates an ID for nonbinary people

Argentina: President of Argentina Alberto Fernandez announced a new National Identity Document (DNI) for nonbinary people on Wednesday.
President said that The DNI’s aim is to guarantee the right to gender identity for people who don’t recognize themselves as either female or male, 
At the press conference at the Casa Rosada Museum in Buenos Aires, Fernandez said”There are other identities besides man and woman that must be respected,”  
The new document establishes the terminology “x” in the field of gender in amended DNI and passports.
Fernandez said there are a thousand ways of loving and being loved and being happy. “What does it matter to the State to know the sexual orientation of its citizens?” he asked, although gender identity and sexual orientation are two different things.
Minister of Women, Gender, and Diversity Elizabeth Gómez Alcorta, Interior Minister Eduardo De Pedro and Fernandez delivered the first three nonbinary documents during the event.

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