Video: First repatriation flight to India from Abu Dhabi departs

The first repatriation flight for Indian expatriates left from Abu Dhabi International Airport’s Terminal 3 to Kozhikode at 5.07 pm on Thursday evening.

Many passengers reached to the airport as early as 10.30 am to catch the special flight of 4.15 pm to return home in an emergency. No one was denied check-in at Abu Dhabi and all the 177 passengers boarded the flight.

The flight was scheduled to take off at 4.15 pm but was delayed due to safety procedures.

Several people who had lost their jobs amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic had gone in this flight.

The last passenger was Ajith who was added to attend the final rites of his mother after one passenger dropped out due to the immigration issues.

“All those who were issued tickets were permitted to board the flight.” an Air India Express staff told.


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