Video: Drive-In Cinema popularizing day by day

Pico and Mukta A2 Cinemas joined hands in launching the Drive-in Cinema for the first time in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Under the patronage of His Excellency Zayed Al Zayani, Minister of Industry Commerce and Tourism, Mukta cinema in coordination with Pico launched Drive through Cinema at Bahrain Bay.

Pico CEO Mr. Mohammed Juman taken challenging initiative and grabbed the attention of residents and citizens in Bahrain by launching Drive-in Cinema for the first time in the kingdom.

The intention behind this initiative is not just entertaining the people, but also taken all precautionary measures and ensured people can watch cinema in a safe environment without any stress and fear of getting infected by COVID 19.

Mr. Prasad and Mr. Rishi briefed how challenging and excited is this initiative and crossed all the barriers and obstacles in achieving big success starting Drive-in Cinema.

In spite of critical COVID 19 situations in Bahrain, Pico and Mukta went all the way and proved nothing is impossible by providing food, amazing audio effects and cinema entertainment on one floor where people can watch cinema with all the comfort zone in their own vehicle.

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