Two-month afternoon outdoor work ban to begin on July 1

Bahrain will ban outdoor work during the afternoon in July and August.

The ban of work under direct sunlight and in open places will run from noon until 4 pm, the Ministry of Labour said.

The aim is to protect workers and ensure their safety from heat stress, sunstroke and various summer diseases, and to reduce occupational accidents during the hottest months of the year, the ministry added.

Bahrain is committed to banning afternoon work under searing temperatures and high humidity in line with human rights principles and the need to provide a safe and healthy work environment, Labour Minister Jameel bin Mohammed Ali Humaidan said.

The strict application of the ban in the previous years has contributed to reducing the risks of work injuries, he added.

The minister stressed that work at the existing projects will not be affected by the ban and that they will be completed at the specified times, especially as companies should reschedule the work timings during the ban, Humaidan said.

Compliance with the ban by private sector establishments in the last five years exceeded 98%, he said.

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