SMC Deputy Chief Doctor urges compliance to precautionary measures

Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC) Deputy Chief Doctor urged full compliance with the mandatory precautionary measures to combat the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and protect people’s health.

Pediatrics and Infectious Diseases Consultant Dr, Salwa Al-Nuaimi stressed the importance of community awareness and active participation in the national efforts to combat the pandemic by complying with the preventive measures.

She cautioned against any recklessness or complacency, stressing the necessity of continuing the implementation of precautionary measures and guidelines set by official authorities.

She underlined the need to avoid gathering and observe social distancing protocols so as to avert infections and curb the spread of the virus among people.

She called on the public to avoid large public gatherings and added that some people may not show symptoms of the virus, warning the pandemic is fast spreading all over the world.

She cited the World Health Organisation (WHO) protocols which stress the need to regularly wash and sanitise hands before and after wearing the mask to avoid infections.

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