Nursery teacher all set to lend a hand in combatting COVID-19


Preschool teacher Joana Flavia Pereira is all set to go out for her first task to support the wide national efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic, according to BNA.

“I have volunteered because I have been here in Bahrain for almost 20 years and Bahrain is my home,” said the Portuguese national.

“I want to be part of the national efforts and I am ready to help in anything that needs to be done. I want to contribute to a better future for the country that I call home.”

Joana was first trained by the Civil Defence on how to protect herself by using personal protective equipment (PPE) and she was briefed on the necessary precautionary measures.

“They also showed us how to disinfect the streets and how to remove the PPE safely to avoid any contamination. Today, I got a call to join in the voluntary task force and I believe it is for disinfecting designated areas.”

When Joana signed up for the voluntary work, she was ready to do anything that would support the Kingdom.

“I am a pre-school teacher at a local nursery and now due to the temporary closure of schools, I don’t have any other engagements. So, I wanted to help with anything, such as taking care of the ill, giving psychological support or even cleaning up the streets.”

She said that it is her nature to help and support anyone who needs her assistance.

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