Mohammed Shahid: “BRAVE and KHK efforts paved the way for the development of the sport in Bahrain”

Bahrain is still celebrating the historical first place in the world in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. The achievement was reached less than four years after the launch of KHK MMA in the country, and less than 30 months after the first operations of BRAVE Combat Federation, the first and only international Bahraini sports media property. BRAVE President and KHK Sports CEO Mohammed Shahid does not believe those facts were incidental.“BRAVE and KHK efforts paved the way for the development of the sport in Bahrain”, Mr Shahid said. “When His Highness Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad al Khalifa first came up with this vision, there was nothing. We believed in it and we followed his guidance, the result came in no time. Bahrain is today a hub for the sport of Mixed Martial Arts and the number one in the world”.
“But that’s not it”, he continued. “The depth of the change we are talking about here is unbelievable. It goes beyond the sport of MMA and expands to boxing and the entirety of combat sports. More than that, what we see is a complete transformation for the future generations, the youth, they are the ones benefiting more. If we took the world by storm in these four years, imagine what our next era will do with all this support from the earliest stages until the pinnacle of professional sports. The future is bright”.With 11 medals in the IMMAF European Open Championships in Rome, Italy, Bahrain cemented its position as the top country in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. The Bahraini Team now gets ready for the biggest challenge of the year, the IMMAF World Championship, that will take place in the Kingdom of Bahrain, in November, during the already traditional BRAVE International Combat Week. That is the third time in a row that Bahrain hosts BRAVE International Combat Week, and the event is getting bigger every year. Headlined by the most important BRAVE Combat Federation fight night of the year calendar, the show is bringing hundreds of athletes, tourists, and journalists to the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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