MKF organized virtual graduation ceremony for Rayaat Program


AlMabarrah AlKhalifia (MKF) organized a virtual graduation ceremony for the seventh batch of the Rayaat program, which consisted of 26 graduates, who have attained a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in various fields including: Medicine, Accounting, Law, Engineering, Media, Marketing, Logistics, Web Design, MBA and other majors.

Her Highness Shaikha Zain bint Khalid Al Khalifa, Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of MKF, attended the ceremony which was held virtually, along with other members of the Board of Trustees, the administrative staff of the Foundation and the graduates.

The ceremony included a video that showcased a number of the graduates’ achievements throughout the year, and a speech delivered by HH Shaikha Zain.

She expressed her excitement and pride towards the students of the Foundation for successfully completing their graduate studies.

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“We are proud of the students of AlMabarrah AlKhalifia and congratulate them on the achievements during their enrollment in the Rayaat program, and we are confident that graduation is just the beginning for this outstanding batch of students. We look forward to seeing more of their achievements in the future to serve the Kingdom of Bahrain within various sectors. We wish the students all the best in life and in their careers.”

During their enrollment in the Rayaat scholarship program, students went through a number of courses and workshops that dealt with many developmental aspects including enhancing self-confidence, developing public speaking management skills, communicating with others, thus fully preparing them to enter the labor market and excel at the role required effectively.

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The Foundation also focused on educating the enrolled students in the Rayaat program on the importance of engaging in volunteer work and developing a sense of belonging to the country, as one of the foundation’s objectives is to Instill social responsibility and the sense of giving back to community, as each student was required to provide 30 volunteering hours during the school year, which included events such as the Diabetes Camp, people of determination event, and the organization of a recreational event for different groups within the society.

The ‘Rayaat Scholarship’ program was launched in 2011, in line with the foundation’s vision to provide students with scholarship opportunities at accredited universities in the Kingdom, in addition to providing many benefits including financial incentives, workshops, and training opportunities in public and private sectors.

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