Health Ministry Undersecretary urges full compliance with precautionary measures

Health Ministry Undersecretary Dr. Waleed Al Manea stressed the importance of continuing to adhere to precautionary measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 to preserve the health and safety of citizens and residents in Bahrain.

The undersecretary pointed out that the Kingdom is keen on the health and safety of everyone, as it is a top priority and a constant goal in all efforts to confront the virus.

Dr. Al Manea indicated that health facilities require wearing masks according to their guiding instructions, and that wearing a mask is optional in the interior and exterior areas according to the guiding instructions announced by the National Medical Team to address coronavirus.

He explained that the virus can spread through people who have no symptoms, highlighting the importance of wearing masks when sitting with the elderly and those with chronic diseases.

Al Manea indicated that the national efforts to combat the virus is continuing, explaining the importance of community awareness through the initiative to take the anti-virus vaccination in full doses.

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