Bahrain records more than 15,000 mask violations

Bahrain has registered 15,666 violations of not wearing face masks at public places and shops since the enforcement of the order.

This was announced by the Assistant Chief of Public Security for Operations and Training Affairs, Brigadier Dr. Shaikh Hamad bin Mohammed Al Khalifa.

The Northern Governorate Police Directorate reported 1,082 violations related to the rule of public gatherings of more than five and 3,513 violations of not wearing masks at public place. It carried 307 awareness campaigns, in addition to the deployment of police patrols at beaches, markets and parks.

The Capital Governorate Police Directorate took 287 steps to protect social distancing in the district, along with reporting 2,782 mask-related violations and distributed 4200 meals among expatriate workers. It also held awareness campaigns.

Muharraq Governorate Police Directorate registered 1032 social distancing violations and 4133 mask-related violations. The department also organised awareness campaigns and inspected violations by shops.

The Southern Governorate reported 2184 social distancing violations and 2299 mask-related violations. The department also held awareness campaigns and disinfection operations.

The Operations Directorate of the Public Security Presidency received 10856 coronavirus-related cases and reported 2842 mask-related violations. It also took 66 steps to protect social distancing.

The General Directorate of Ports Security reported 97 mask-related violations and carried 84 operations to facilitate the evacuation of 7545 travellers from aboard, and the evacuation 11470 individuals from Bahrain from April 17 to July 18, along with the facilitation of the testing of 53926 travelers who arrived from February 5 to July 18.

Dr. Shaikh Hamad bin Mohammed asserted the continuation of the Police Directorates in enhancing awareness of citizens and residents of the importance to follow precautionary measures against coronavirus, including wearing masks and social distancing in public places and shops.


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