Bahrain: Empowering youths to achieve economic and social growth

Encouraging youth to assume leadership positions across various fields of development is the main objective for the Kingdom of Bahrain, Youth and Sports Minister Aymen bin Tawfeeq Al Moayyad has said reported Bahrain News Agency.

“We aim to employ youth capabilities while maximising and sustaining the impact of their ideas for the present and future. young people have a positive vision, ambition, energy and inspiring ideas for creative solutions that achieve economic and social growth” stated the Minister.

The minister made the statement as he participated remotely in the launch of the Arab Youth Center (AYC) in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to empower youth and support development progress across the Arab region.

‘Our vision is that Bahrain be the capital of youth and sports, therefore we are keen on joining all efforts and working together in various institutions according to the one-team Bahrain approach to empower young people’

‘We also strive to give them the promising opportunities they deserve to lead the development sectors to achieve Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030 that empowers young people in Youth, sports, education, entrepreneurship, scientific research, innovation, creativity, and artificial intelligence,” the minister said.

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