Bahrain announces 5 deaths in one day

Bahrain has announced the death of a 71-year-old male citizen from coronavirus, taking the country’s total deaths to 42.

It’s the 5th death in one day, the highest daily death toll since the outbreak started.

The country has reported 514 new cases of coronavirus, among 281 expatriate workers, 230 new cases are contacts of active cases, and 3 are travel-related, after conducting over 7,500 additional COVID-19 tests.

Meanwhile, 628 additional recoveries from COVID-19 were reported.

The total cases have driven to 18,227 of which 12,818 have recovered, which means that over 69 percent of the confirmed cases have recovered from the virus. Currently, there are 5,367 active cases.

Also, there are 138 COVID-19 cases receiving treatment, of which 18 are in a critical condition.

So far the country has conducted 418,413 tests, which is among the highest when looking at the country’s population.

Expatriates are having the highest RO (R-Naught) in the country.

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