Abu Dhabi authority warns of food-related rumours

The Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA) has urged the public not to be swayed by such rumours, especially those circulating on social media about highly demanded products during the holy month of Ramadan, reported Khaleej Times.

It may lead to changes in the nutritional habits of consumers due to misunderstandings and lead them to make erroneous nutrition-related decisions, the authority clarified.

Furthermore, the ADAFSA has warned the public about the negative impact of circulating food-related rumours, and urged people to contact the authority to verify any information with regard to food safety.

The authority indicated that traders use such rumours to disseminate false information about their competitors’ products, which contributes significantly to damaging manufacturing and supply facilities, thereby harming the national economy.

According to the authority, some rumours are intended to harm certain products and brands for competitive reasons. These are circulated among the public as misleading information or by publishing old news as new information.

As part of efforts to reduce the impact of the rumours, the ADAFSA affirmed that it carries out several programmes aimed at raising the awareness of consumers over food-related issues.

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