Bahrain participates in “Partnership Summit 2023”


New Delhi : Industry and Commerce Minister Abdullah bin Adel Fakhro headed Bahrain’s delegation in the 28th “Partnership Summit 2023”.

The summit was organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), under the theme “Partnerships for responsible, expedited, innovative, sustainable and equitable businesses” on March 13 – 15.

The event brought together companies, businessmen and international and government bodies from around the world.

The minister stressed the importance of strengthening partnerships among various countries and keeping pace with developments to advance the development sectors and support financial stability.

He affirmed Bahrain’s keenness to participate in such events that discuss and share the most important global developments to support the shift towards a new and sustainable economy.

Fakhro praised India’s historical economic civilization, hoping that the summit will achieve its ambitious goals that seek to strengthen companies and form new global economic alliances.

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