Oman’s Blood Banks concern about decline in blood donations amid coronavirus fear

The Sultanate is experiencing a significant drop in blood donations amid the coronavirus pandemic due to the fear of infection, said Dr. Zainab bint Salim Al Fanna al-Araimi,  Director of Blood Banks Services at the Ministry of Health.

However, She assured that the banks are taking all the necessary measures to protect donors.

To avoid any decrease in blood unit stocks, the department coordinated with a number of authorities to organize urgent campaigns in addition to liaising with donors and volunteers to donate at the blood banks. This was carried out by determining the number of donors each time.

Moreover, the appointment system was activated through WhatsApp (94555648) or through the telephone numbers of blood banks in the Governorates, notifying this through social media platforms.

“Our humanitarian appeals received a tangible response from both citizens and residents,” she said, hoping for bigger response at Governorates’ blood banks.

On the amount of blood needed in the country’s blood banks, Dr. Zainab explained that the blood units’ amounts vary according to the needs of each governorate.

At Muscat’s Central Blood Bank, around 530 blood units are needed weekly to supply the Governorate health institutions.

Despite the low demand for blood in hospitals in recent times, there are cases that demand constant transfusions such as patients with hereditary blood diseases, cancer, and urgent surgeries.


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